Surely there is something in the unruffled calm of nature that overawes our little anxieties and doubts; the sight of the deep-blue sky and the clustering stars above seems to impart a quiet to the mind.

Jonathan Edwards

Unfortunately, I’m kind of over the whole flaky friends thing. It IS a 8-9 hour drive here. And I am going home in about 13 days…. sooooo, oh well. Basically, the story is that 4-5 people were going to drive down here and visit a ton of friends who are still in school. They talked about coming last weekend… didn’t. They were FOR SURE coming this weekend… didn’t. At first I was upset– I had so many things planned, I told all my friends, I got it off work! …Now, I’m attempting to not care, and worrying more about finals week, and my research paper.

One of the guys who was supposed to come I have liked on and off for forever. Literally, as long as I’ve known the guy (10 years?). When I went home to visit, I started having feelings for him AGAIN, and we had an amazing weekend together. But, he didn’t come to visit this weekend, I haven’t seen him in like a month, and he goes to school like 300 million miles away. So now I’m at that phase where I try to make myself stop liking him. It is working OKish, because I’m currently 500 miles away. We’ll just have to see about the summer.

The ex texted me again last night. His new girlfriend apparently cheated on him. I didn’t even know they were dating again (They broke up, she used him, he texted me to cry about it….twice…). It was odd, seeing as he doesn’t ever really talk to me unless he has girl problems. I don’t get it. I always tell him the good things that are happening in my life… guys I like, parties I go to. He always texts me when some random shit is going on with this girl or whatever. Who, by the way, sounds like a total whore. Apparently she gets totally blacked out like every single weekend, and my ex just takes care of her and shit. And then she used him to get with one of his friends. Then, apparently they got back together, and then she cheats on him with another one of his best friends. Classy.

His life, I guess! Whatever he wants to do with it. But I’m almost done being sympathetic. That’s not really my job anymore.


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