I got a camera!! Not sure if it is The One yet, but I am enjoying it so far! I got the…. [drum roll, please…]


Unlikely choice, right? Well, I just thought that, considering the size difference, it would make more sense for me to get the canon now, that way I can save up and buy (or borrow from my mom, heh) an awesome DSLR in the future!! Still doesn’t make sense? Picture this wonderful world where I have a DSLR and a small compact camera. I use the DSLR for photo shoots, awesome pictures, important events, etc. I use the compact camera for places/ times where I can’t lug around a large DSLR like traveling, parties, active events (skiing, hiking, whatevs), etc. Now, in this WONDERFUL WONDERFUL world, the point of having a compact P&S is that it is smaller and more convenient than the DSLR [See where I’m going with this yet?] and can take it places where it would be inconvenient to have a camera that doesn’t just slip into my pocket. THEREFORE, using this logic, it makes much, MUCH more sense to buy the teensy tiny camera that is a little bit cheaper..aka the canon. If I had the Panasonic, and wanted to bring it places, since it’s not too convenient, I would just bring the DSLR anyways, thus making the Panasonic moot. Yay canon! I feel dumb buying a camera for size, but hey. And, I realize I don’t actually own a DSRL, but for now, I have an awesome camera that takes great pictures, fits in my pocket, and I bought at the bookstore with my student account :)

This is how I feel currently: A Love Letter To A Camera

Basically, I just needed a reason to CHOOSE one already, so I did, and so far I am happy. I can return it within a week, so if anything turns out not-so-great, I will just do that and order the Panasonic online. Done, done, and done.
Sample pictures you say? Oh, well, just this once…. Also, I realize there are A MILLION, but I’m super super excited, and I can’t help it, OK? OK? STOP JUDGING MEEEEE!!!
These were taken for the theme this week on 365project: Your Heart… I ended up choosing the third one..

It’s Love!

Self timer.. I think?
Goofing off with ISO, Shutter, and Aperture:
Macro (weird lighting, but w/e):

And there we go! No more of my pictures for AT LEAST ONE WEEK! :)


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