“Sometimes the worst days end up being the best stories”

Guess what!! I got to go to a Juanes concert this weekend!! Saturday night, in the SD sports arena (although, I guess they changed the name.. whatever).

Guys– IT WAS AWESOME. AWESOME. Juanes was amazing.  There is literally nothing else I can say in this blog post to express how excited I was and how amazingly wonderfully FANTASTIC it was to see him live.

I thought I was going to be disappointed, or end up not recognizing many of the songs, but I was wrong! I even knew the words (in Spanish) to most of them. :P

Not only that, but the crowd was great, and our seats ended up being SO CLOSE (and only for $19!).  I really should stop this gushing now, before everything just goes into straight up CAPS LOCK, but hey, that’s how I show my excitement. IT WAS SO GOOD.

Look how close our seats were!!


He’s so beautiful!

Exclamation points = excitement!!

It had started out as a crappy crappy CRAPPY day (my car broke down, and in the process of attempting to fix it, I locked my keys in the ignition and ended up having to call AAA) but turned out amazing and wonderful. :)

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