“All television is educational television.  The question is:  what is it teaching?”  
–Nicholas Johnson
Now, I’m not generally one to gush about Glee on my blog (I usually leave that to my roommate :P), but last night’s episode was fabulous, so I felt like I had to share :)
Why was it so fabulous?  Well, 3 reasons: the plot, the music (duh) and the fashion (!).
First, the plot. I absolutely HATED last week’s episode… there was no plot, nothing to keep me interested, and the songs were just sort of random (plus, I kind of hate Gwyneth Paltrow).  This week, although it was a little over the top and hokey (hey, it’s Glee, it’s not like I was expecting a miracle), I really liked the message, and mainly, I just loved the shirts that resulted from it.
Like Mr. Schu’s, which, let me just say, I TOTALLY saw coming:
And, of course, Kurt’s:
And the rest of the gang’s, which I found hilarious (and some a tad sad!):
My favorites?  Mike Chang’s “Can’t Sing,”  Britney’s “I’m with Stoopid,”  and Santana’s (not pictured), which reads “Lebanese” (Britneyspeak for “lesbian”).  Overall, this episode presented not only a great message, but also a unique and uplifting way to share more about the characters and even poke fun at itself a little bit. :)
The second thing which made this episode fantastic was the music!! There were some really great, heartfelt songs (as opposed to recent episodes, which featured terrible covers by Gwyneth Paltrow, random songs that were included for no reason, and waaayyy too many pop songs.. not counting a couple of the “Original Song” songs).  Although there wasn’t a single song I didn’t like, my favorite two* were Rachel and Quinn’s duet of I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty, and Kurt’s version of As If We Never Said Goodbye:

Both great songs, and it was so nice to hear Quinn sing again!!
And the last thing which made this episode great was….. the fashion!!  I don’t usually turn to Glee for fashionspiration, but some of the outfits just jumped out at me, resulting in about an hour of me taking ridiculous screen shots and re-watching the same scenes about a million times (and also, inspired this post..).  And I still didn’t grab everything I wanted to.  Oh well, así es.  Here are a couple of my favorite fashion moments from this week:
Quinn’s ADORABLE outfit:
This outfit, worn by Santana:
LOVING this skirt!
And, then OF COURSE, there was Mike Chang’s outfit, which inspired me to write this entire post!! I just adore the vest over the t-shirt, and then paired with dark-wash skinny jeans and sneakers– hot!  One of the only reasons I wish I had a boyfriend is so that I could shop for him– somehow a vest like this just doesn’t quite work as well over my ladyparts.  Someday, I will make this work:
Okay, so I know I already mentioned this shirt, but also I loved Kurt’s spiked hair and skinny jeans throughout Born This Way, and his fab diva attitude.  Kurt does Gaga almost as Gaga as Gaga does Gaga (say that three times fast!):
Where do I get me one of these shirts?
Alright, now after all this wonderful fashion, I have a question for you all.  This outfit, worn by Quinn:
Yay or Nay?  I’m not a fan myself, although I recognize what they were trying to do here with the hat, I just think it turned out too frumpy and Glee-y.  So, what do you think?  Am I too fashion-closed-minded, or was this indeed a fail beyond fails??
***All pictures taken as screen shots from the 18th episode of the 4th season of Glee, and are not owned by me or whatever whatever whatever legal stuff.***
*OK, yes, Born This Way was good, but it was nothing we haven’t seen on Glee before.

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