Fashionable Friday!

So I had this whole outfit picked out in my mind for today– it involved black skinny jeans and pink high-top converse– but when I was getting dressed, I just wasn’t in the mood.  So instead, I wore this bright yellow dress with some bright blue shoes!  Get ready for spring, everyone..

So, the darn self-timer took this picture just a second too late! I promise I was
up on my foot better like ONE second before this… :P 

haha this is actually a candid! My landing out of the passe :P

Outfit details:
Dress: Hand-me-down from the BFF
Shoes: From a small boutique in Chico, CA (don’t remember the name..)
Headband: Francesa’s Collections
Sash: Vintage scarf given to me by my aunt
Gold Locket: Thrifted/ vintage
Sorry for the photo overload, I had a lot of fun getting out and taking pictures again.. it’s been a while!  
Hope you had a great (and fashionable!) Friday! <3

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