Weekend fun!

Had a great time this weekend with my AMIGOS kids! We did a fun little activity where we basically made them pretend that they are in country, and they have to ask all these questions and find out all of this info (in Spanish) about their pretend “community.”  Fun times.  I was feeling reeeeally sick at the beginning, but after some coffee and advil, I was feeling much better.. here are some pictures!
With Beca, one of my beauuuuutiful high school trainers: 
Beca and I decided to go distract all my volunteers while they were working… 

Working oh, so hard!

 So, back story on this one: Beca told me to sneak up on them and take a picture.. I decided to jump in the air (no planning!!) and she managed to snap it at the perfect moment! :) 
Note Cam’s fabulous face front right.. some funny kids I have :)

After some planning, we managed to replicate our awesomeness..

Candid shot of most of our group getting ready to chat

So this is what I spent my whole weekend planning and running.. what weekend shenanigans did you get into?
Also, you should probably go here and donate to AMIGOS… it’s pretty awesome.. ;)

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