A new perspective

A couple of days ago, I decided it might be fun to walk to school, instead of take the bus.  It was a beautiful (but hot!!) spring day, and about an hour long walk.  I listened to some chill playlists, and had fun exploring the route I had only ever seen through a window.
Once I got to campus, I had to walk through our medical school in order to get over to where I work.  I have spent some time in the med school (took a class there last quarter), and LOOOVVE working in their library (I’m a nerd, but med students are much quieter than obnoxious undergrads), but I had never seen that side of campus before! I felt like I was at an entirely different school…. it was kind of beautiful..
What a nice day!


So, for a lot of people this isn’t too different from the norm.. but most
of our campus doesn’t look like this..  :)


Spring has sprung!


Not actually the med school, but you gotta love the Sun God.
I wish I explored my school/ town more.. I think I’ll walk again a few times this week.  It was a great (and relaxing!!) experience.  I recommend it to everyone for whom it’s possible :)
Here are 5 of my current favorite songs I listened to along the way:

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