I’m leaving!

My roommate and one of my best friends wrote the nicest, sweetest, bestest, and most amazingist blog post today over at A Vigilant Muse.  It was so awesome (and kind of sad)!  But it did make me realize (again) that I am leaving tomorrow for home, and then from there to Panamaaaa! Wow!  Tonight will be the last night I am sharing a room with her. ever.  Crazyyyy!
Mugdha: I love you so much, and I am going to miss you like crazy this summer!! 
How cute are we? This photo is a bit overused… :P
So I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the post, and a warning to all my readers that I probably won’t be updating so much over the next few days, because I am about to begin my million day long journey to Panama.  Wish me luck!  Once I get settled, I’m sure I’ll have pictures and updates and lots of exclamation points for your enjoyment. :)

2 thoughts on “I’m leaving!

  1. Akasfjaksfj. Lauren, I am SO excited to hear about everything in Panama. It's been amazing living with you, girl, and it's going to be so weird not anymore.

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