Life has been CRAY-ZAY!

Sincerest apologies for not posting recently!
Wanna see what I’ve been up to here in Panama?
Here’s a quick peek (detailed posts coming soon!):
 The rest of our team made it to Panama and moved in..
I went on survey and met 3 of the most awesome, beautiful, communities I’ve ever been in..
Monopoly in Peña Rodá
Baby horses (there are so many of them!) in La Mesa
Hilarious Kiddos in La Arenita

I goofed off in Chitré being dorks with my coworkers (here’re two of them)..
I promise we don’t actually dress like this..
I found gummy octopuses (one of my all time favorite candies) in Panama!!
Staff went to Panama city to pick up our volunteers, and got a little crazy on the 4 hour bus ride..
This is my favorite picture of Jarrod ever, haha :)
We made close to 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner that night..
Then, we got to spend the night in the beautiful city..
And met our 60 volunteers at the airport!!
I was so happy to see my kids arrive safe and sound from San Diego (aren’t they adorable?)..
They’re a BIT tired at this point…
And then the whole group had training for 3 days..
All 70ish of us!!
With their new host siblings!
And I got my route of beautiful volunteers!
<3 these kids so much!
All in all, it was a pretty crazy last couple of weeks, but I’m glad to finally be home in Chitré, cockroaches and all :)
Tonight we’re going out for Jarrod’s birthday (the girls are all wearing dresses! Expect pictures!) and then maybe we’ll finally get to relax for a couple of hours. I’m not counting on it though :P

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