Urban Love (aka BONUS outfit post)

I’ve recently become re- in love with Urban Outfitters.
After (FINALLY) unpacking some boxes this week, I found this old ring I bought a year or so ago.
Loving it!
Brought to you by Urban Outfitters (it’s all in the accessories, people), a BONUS outfit post for this week:

Took a sick day, and instead of going to class, I got dressed, did some makeup, did NOT do my hair, and had fun taking pictures.
My new apartment has not-so-great lighting, and new roomies who I’m too embarrassed to ask to take my picture. So I played around with what I could.
I ended up using a windowsill and self-timer.
I think they turned out okay after all, don’t you?
Outfit Details: 
Top: Express
Shorts: Tilly’s
Tights and Ring: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: F21 (?)
Boots: hand-me-downs from the bff 

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