Home for the holidays

I’ve been a bit down lately, resulting I think from hanging out in my hometown for 3 weeks.. Not exactly a great time. And while I love spending some quality time with my family…. I miss, ya know… other people.

A lot of my friends’ parents don’t live here any more, and most of the really cool people are off doing really cool things with their lives and thus not sticking around here where the only things to do are go to movies and play video games (both of which I have been doing a LOT of).

Of course, a couple of my lovely friends are here, and they have sort of saved me as far as keeping me sane while home, and I love them forever because of it (Here’s to you, LaHu!)

I’ve probably also been feeling generally yucky because I haven’t been able to dance since I’ve been home, and only played soccer a couple of times. Boo :(

And, just to complain for a bit longer, let me tell you a bit about my week.

Since I’m home, we figured we should take the opportunity to get my (old, crappy) car smogged and registered– an hour’s work, maybe. Heh. Not so much. Turned out that we needed to put a lot of money into my car to make it even safe to drive.. Let alone drive all the way back down to SD like I need to do… let’s see, tomorrow?! (This is what it’s like to drive my car). This was a couple days’ process of getting the car fixed, then smogged (it did not pass), then fixed again, and then hopefully smogged again (this time, it better pass!).

There was a time when I seriously thought I was taking the train back to SD, and then attempting to live and work without a car for the next 6 months, but it’s looking like my car will probably make the 500mi trip South without exploding, and hopefully at least last until graduation.  Once I graduate, and figure out what I’m doing with my life after June, I will re-evaluate my transportation situation and potentially buy a car if necessary.

aka Fun times at home.

I hope everyone else has had a better holiday season than I have, and a wonderful new year.

Many more posts coming soon as I get back to my normal life– I promise there will be lots of updates, outfit pictures, and hopefully some cool photoshoots coming up!



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