Sunday’s Stumbles

Here’s to a new year full of mouse clicks, LOLs, internet memes, and hopefully a lack of Charlie Sheen:

Don’t you hate awkward handshakes?
Welcome to my life with cats.
Wanna make your own Dorritos? Good luck.
In case you’re behind the times, 9gag is awesome.
Funny TV commercial.
Don’t you wish you had a pet lion?
Interesting public health article.
Two lesbians raised a baby and this is what they got.
Funny kids’ book.
Soda vs marijuana: not an entirely accurate chart, but certainly interesting.

Back to school tomorrow! Wish me luck!

One thought on “Sunday’s Stumbles

  1. That public health article was really interesting! Studying/ reading about public health issues just makes me feel like an entitled, spoiled d-bag all the time. I really take a lot for granted.

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