Overview: The Best Day Ever

So for those of you who are not at all interested in ballet, or talking/hearing about ballet or dance, or who just don’t know me in real life: sorry for the obsessiveness of this last week.

For all the rest of you: OH MY GOD TODAY WAS SO AWESOME. I had my first class en pointe and it was soooo legit.  My knees are shaking, and I’ll be sore for a week, but totally worth it.

We didn’t do that much actually en releve (up on pointe), since most of the class is still in regular ballet shoes (I think there are about three of us with pointe shoes?), but it was still a dream come true. Literally.  Simple lines, like a tondu or an arabesque, looked cooler (longer, more elegant, AWESOMER) with pointe shoes.  Soussous was suddenly difficult and impressive.  I found myself focusing more, and pulling up more, simply because I was so excited and I felt like a “real ballerina.” Haha, I’m silly. I’m sure it will wear off.

I still need to continue to work on strengthening my ankles, but they were actually a lot stronger than I thought they would be.  For frappes and fondus I was obviously relying pretty heavily on the barre, but we did a couple of fuettes and I could do them pretty well (better than the girl next to me, who’s been en pointe for 3 months longer! woo!).  Overall, I still obviously have a LOT of work to do, mostly strengthening my legs so I can releve on one leg and practicing things over and over and over and over so that it’s all natural (some of the timing of plies and releves is still a bit awkward, since it takes me a little longer to get up on my box than going to normal half-pointe would take).

Overall it was a great first day, and I’m really excited about all things ballet currently. Stay tuned! Photos to come soon. :)


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