Fashionable Friday: Men’s Fashion

Hey all!

Feeling a bit under the weather and having a weird eye thing that’s resulting in me not being able to wear makeup, which means I’m not looking too fashionable this Friday!  So instead, I thought I would share some fashionspiration.

Here are my top 10 favorite things on a guy:

1. Nice jeans.

Dark wash, slim fit, preferably worn with boots, vans, or converse.  A pair of good jeans can make any skinny guy look more filled out, any short guy look taller, and any outfit either more casual or more fancy, depending on the wash.  Every man should have a good fitting, nice pair of jeans– but the more pairs the better. Here are a couple examples, but honestly, the fit matters more than the jeans themselves.

[7 for all mankind]

2. Flannel

Flannel says a guy is all about being practical and comfortable (and warm!).  It’s also super soft– perfect for hugs! :)

3. Sweaters

A sweater pulls a look together and adds a more grown up feel to a comfortably worn pair of pants and some sneakers.  Put together with the right outfit, a sweater says, “I think about what I wear, but don’t worry, I’m not trying too hard.”  Something I hate?  A sweater WITH dress shoes WITH really dark jeans WITH a shiny belt WITH a murse.  It really doesn’t need to be that much. Ed Westwick and Adam Brody do it well:

4. Skinny ties

Vintage classy. How can you go wrong?

5. Khaki

6. A nice suit

There is no way to go wrong with a well-fitting, nice suit.  Unless maybe it’s white. Or ridiculous in other ways. Need help? Just follow Barney’s lead..

7. Converse/ Vans

Every guy should have a pair of either converse or vans… they’re such classic shoes! Personally, a guy in converse brings me back to childhood, and all the simplicity that went with it.

8. A good fitting, casual leather jacket

Classic menswear.

9. A nerdy/ Band T shirt

It’s like a cheat sheet for what they’re into… And I love a lot of personality!

10. A killer smile!

An easy smile and enough confidence takes any outfit to the next level.. and is a must have!

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