Little bows

As I mentioned, I spent a couple of hours the other night sewing these adorable little hair bows! I found the DIY instructions on A Beautiful Mess and it could not have been an easier project! I went through about a season of Arrested Development while sewing these (and other projects), and have been wearing the little bows with almost every outfit.

Funny story– yesterday I was wearing the dark brown bow and partway through the day I realized it had come out of my hair! I was really sad, so I retraced my steps a little bit.. and I FOUND it! I felt a little silly looking around for my hair clip, but I was so excited to see it laying on the ground abandoned and waiting for me, that it was totally worth it :)

I think my favorite one is the blue one, made out of this cloth I bought in Panama, usually used for the women’s traditional skirts (called polleras). It’s such a sweet fabric, and it feels like I’m wearing a little memory around on my head all day!

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