Fashionable Friday: Heart on my Sleeve

Outfit Details:
Dress, belt: thrifted
Tights, Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: H&M (heart patches added by yours truly!)

REALLY REALLY sorry about the quality/ location of my pictures… crappy lighting + STILL no tripod= bathroom pictures, fuzzy lighting, weird angles, and cropped off body parts. Let’s hope this improves soon..

This week’s fashionable Friday features one of the DIY Projects that I did last weekend, from A Beautiful Mess! I took an old cardigan that I used to wear all the time, but was a bit bored of, and added some cute flowery hearts to the elbows!  It was such a simple way to liven up this sweater that I ended up pulling out another cardigan and adding my own touches to that one too– check back next Friday to see that project!

Ever since I found my old sewing kit when I added the ribbons to my pointe shoes, I’ve been on this crazy crafting/ sewing kick.  I hemmed these cutoffs that I bought ages ago, made those 5 hair bows from yesterday’s post, added new cute details to 2 old sweaters, cut apart another sweater to make some leg warmers… and this all shows no sign of stopping!  I’m planning on going to Joann’s this weekend to buy some more thread, embroidery floss, and maybe some cool fabric. I’m going crazy!

So, enjoy these DIYs, try some out yourself, and whatever you do, PLEASE head over to A Beautiful Mess and show some blog love.

Happy Friday! :)


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