Seattle Pictures (Finally!): The Opera

I finally got a chance to upload allll my pictures of Seattle and have decided to make a few different posts about my trip throughout this week.  This first one will be about my beautifully amazingly talented best friend and her performance in an opera that I had the chance to see while I was visiting her.

The show was Pirates of Penzance, probably the best opera in the whole world due to its snarky humor and general ridiculousness.  Here are some pictures:

And here is a clip of her singing at the very end, sorry it sort of cuts off in a weird place:

It was so great to get to see her sing again, especially in such a great production!  I wish I had gotten some more video of her, but unfortunately I got distracted and didn’t get a chance to tape until the very end.  I wish I had gotten one of her fabulous solos or duets, but this part was of course amazing too! :)

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