I’m home!

I’m back from my trip!  I had an awesome time, and don’t worry, pictures will be coming soon (after I finally get up all of my seattle pictures..).

For now, I’ll share a few of my favorite moments from my mini-vacation:
-Seeing my brother from across a parking lot and doing one of those awesome running reunited hugs :)
-Getting to re-experience one of my favorite high school memories, with some added perks– Catalina chaperones get secret unlimited cookies and coffee!
-Having a typical deep conversation with my brother about life plans and “the future” on the ferry ride home.. He’s a cool kid!
-Getting picked up at the Oakland airport from my handsome man wearing my favorite shirt and a HUGEMONGOUS grin :D
-Watching said man interact with yet another family member who feels awkward when called “sir” hehehe
-Relaxing with some much-needed TV time– Parks and Recreation and Friday Night Lights with my boy can make any problem instantly disappear!
-Hanging out and laughing with my sister in a way that only the two of us can.

I hope all of your weeks were as relaxing, heartwarming, and love-filled as mine was! …Now back to real life. :(

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