Cross Trail Hike (Or, Learning to Hike in the Rain)

Did you know that Sitka is located in the middle of a beautiful temperate rain forest? Bet you didn’t picture rain forest when I told you I was moving to Alaska, huh!? Here is a cool 2min video about the Tongass National Forest (where I live). Check it out!

One of the first hikes we went on was the Cross Trail, which runs along the back of town (right behind my house, actually). It was a beautiful rainy day, so we suited up in our gear and headed out.

2013-08-18 13.54.522013-08-18 13.55.112013-08-18 14.06.242013-08-18 14.06.282013-08-18 14.06.412013-08-18 14.07.532013-08-18 14.10.232013-08-18 14.11.432013-08-18 14.21.542013-08-18 14.30.37


It was a fun and beautiful way to start adjusting ourselves to living in the rain! If you want to have fun outdoors in Sitka, you have to be able to handle a little water. Luckily, with more than 15 other AmeriCorps volunteers, there are usually a few people who are willing and free when I am. Here’s to many more soggy hikes this fall (and hopefully winter)!

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