Whale Watching

My boss Ryan has a boat that he drives in the summers for tourists- mostly wildlife tours and water taxi service (to the surrounding islands where people like to hike). His boat fits six, and sometimes he has smaller groups and he’ll let me tag along and “help out” (aka get really excited and take lots of pictures of whales and stuff). One time he paid me 20 bucks to sit in on a tour, which is both completely and utterly ridiculous, and also very indicative of how extremely nice my boss is and how sweet and giving Sitkans are in general (I tried to give it back but he wouldn’t let me).

The first time he took me out on the boat, I was working at the elementary school in town helping out with inventory  and bulletin boards and other boring stuff, when I got a text from Ryan asking if I could be at the harbor in 15 minutes. I think this was like a Tuesday afternoon. Of course, I raced over to the harbor on my bike, and jumped on board his boat. It was a beautiful day and full of creatures- we saw a sea lion, about 6 humpback whales (swimming all around, pretty close to the boat) and some ADOORRABLE sea otters which are almost impossible to get a picture of.  And bald eagles of course. It was such a spontaneously awesome Tuesday afternoon, and such a casual way to experience whales for the first time. Living in Sitka means that some truly amazing experiences, that people pay a whoooole lotta money for, are free, at my fingertips, and incorporated into my every day life. AH! Does it sound too good to be true!? Cus it feels tooo too good to be true. :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from trips out on his boat. Pretty cool, huh?

2013-08-28 12.14.30-1

2013-08-22 15.39.29

2013-08-22 16.38.16-1

2013-08-22 16.26.34-2

2013-08-22 16.39.35

2013-08-28 12.36.21

2013-08-28 12.36.33





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