Obligatory “I’m Back!” Post

Well….. I’m back! It seems that every few years or so I decide to come back to this trusty old blog. And here I am again!

I’ve realized that recently I have really enjoyed exploring photography more. And yet, I do almost nothing with the pictures that I take. I would love a reason to spend time taking and editing photos again, and I feel like this blog has always been a source of inspiration and motivation to continue to develop my photography skills. So, even though I’m not really telling anyone or promoting my blog at all… I’m going to start updating again!

I’ve looked through all my old posts, and boy have I changed! I’m sure this blog will be VERY different than it used to be. However, I’ve decided to keep all the old posts and continue on with Just One Day instead of creating a whole new blog, because it was fun looking through all my old posts and I enjoy being able to look back in time. Please don’t judge me too much for my old self :P


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