Camping on a “school” night

Gotta love those summer camping trips- leave work at 5, race up a mountain for some camping, then wake up early the next morning to race down in time to make it to work by 9am. Summer in AK makes them even better, since it’s daylight practically the whole time!

Here are a few photos from a recent Thursday evening trip up a mountain with my sweetie. It was so great!

We hiked up around 8pm amongst these beautiful meadows full of flowers. The town below was totally covered in clouds, and we were NOT expecting beautiful weather once we popped up above the cloud line.


The trail in context:IMG_4825 IMG_4818 IMG_4816IMG_4810

The sun started to set into the cloudsIMG_4851


Our destination! The small cabin structure at the top-IMG_4832

View from the cabin..IMG_4853

11pm dinner around sunset..IMG_4848 IMG_4837 IMG_4867  IMG_4857 IMG_4856


It was a beautiful and fun trip! And I made it to work on time on Friday morning. Success!IMG_4869



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