My first summer with free time

This summer is the first summer I’ve lived here and had some actual free time away from work. I’ve had the opportunity to explore, camp, relax, and enjoy this beautiful town like I never have before.

Here are a few random photos from this summer so far!

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Since I moved to Alaska 3 years ago, I’ve dreamt of buying a kayak of my own. And this year, for my birthday, I was gifted one from my lovely boyfriend!! YAY!!!!


Her name is Luna :)

It’s not a “real” sea-kayak, just a plastic floater, but I LOVE IT! I took it out for a spin with a few friends/ family who also have kayaks at sunset the other night.. Here are a few photos!







And the cutest model ever demonstrating the kayak (on land because he’s 2):


Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.15.03 PM

Lockout Fashion

My friend who I’m visiting in Seattle wanted to do a Fashionable Friday with me, so we put on our cute outfits and took some pictures for the ol’ blog.

…..Then we realized that in the process of taking pictures of ourselves, we were locked out! So we got a little giggly and slap-happy and our pictures went in an… interesting… direction.

And then we went on an epic journey of epicness to find keys and get ourselves back into the house. None of us had phones. Or money. Or IDs. Or anything, really.

These are my friends. Jealous?

Self-indulgence is OK on a Saturday

“To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.”
–Agnes De Mille

FINALLY have some decent pictures of me actually en pointe.
Try not to look too hard at my technique.. there are some pretty annoying little things (and probably big things too, to be honest) that bug me in at least a couple of them, but we had limited time and I was too sore to keep taking the same pictures over and over again just because I was looking behind my arm instead of in front of it, or didn’t quite have my leg all the way into a real attitude yet when we took the picture, or WHATEVER. :P

Also, thanks to Mugdha for the amazing photog skills and willingness to be a tad self-indulgent on a Saturday afternoon with me…

Happy yucky Monday!

Life Lately According to My iPhone

Here are some iPhone pictures from my winter break at home with the family:






1: / 2: Lovely breakfast date at burger king while getting my car fixed

3: Stepdad and Boy hanging out in BK / 4: little brother being a goofball

5: Christmas shopping with the 11YO daughter of a family friend :D / 6: I got to go horseback riding!

7: Spent a lot of break with my kitties looking a lot like this! / 8: Saw this in the Black Bear Diner (the Boy’s nickname is bear, and mine is mouse, heh)

9: / 10: Rummaged through my mama’s closet during break and put together some “work outfits” for her.

Life Lately According to my iPhone

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1  2


5  6


1. REUNITED with the cutest kitty in the world /  2. My man in his fancy pants
3. Ghirardelli Square /  4. Hanging out in SF
5. POINTE SHOES FOR XMAS : D : D /  6. We had some friends help us pack
7. New hat for xmas! /  8. World AIDS day bulletin board

Sorry for the lack of posts recently– have a very Merry Christmas, and of course a Happy (and safe!) New Year!